English Without Borders

Some time ago I wanted to go to Japan to teach English. I did many things. I took a course in how to teach E.S.L. at Lakehead University to add theory to the B.Ed. that I already had. I asked several people who had experience teaching in Japan for advice. I read many books on Japan.I prepared to stop working. But when I was ready to go I could not get a job in Japan. Two things had happened, first schools in Japan were having a hard time and secondly I was too old

I thought that I could teach on the internet but the technolgy was not as good as it now. Now I would like to have conversations in Google Plus Hangouts. Please circle me and we can talk. Only yesterday the site, Pottermore.com accepted new people. That website is available in different languages. The books by J.K. Rowling have been translated into many languages. People who have read the books or seen the movies have had a common experience. And it is my hope that Ogden's Basic English will be used as an international language to give expression to our common experience. But even though both you and I may have read the same book we will not have had the same experience. My thought and your thought may not be the same. For this reason Ogden's Basic English is the best first step to learn English for talk (communication). Ogden's Basic English is a complete system with a limited number of words (850) and all the rules for the use of the words are put on one page of paper to give help with your memory. But Ogden's Basic English is not simple English. You can use it to make a statement of any idea for use in everyday living. And because it is the best first step to natural English, there is no part of it which must be changed when you go on. Ogden's Basic English is good English.

Google hangouts are a good way to learn a language. You can see and hear. And you can watch the lesson later for help with the memory. I will put three videos for you to watch and hear. I will look at the comments and try to answer any questions.