Audio Library

       For several years on my program on CILU, the community radio station here in Thunder Bay, I read from some of my books about Basic English or written in Basic English. I have posted mp3's of some of these shows here for help in  learning Basic. 

      Because of the large amount of data, there may be some difficulty in hearing. Sometimes the audio stops,and if I click and drag the bottom bar it will begin again. The audio is for those with a special interest in Basic English and for conversation. I have arranged the clips by time and the first is from the show of Dec. 8,2007 and is a reading from Betham's Theory of Fictions. In early March ,2008 I began reading Ogden's The ABC of Basic English and continued to the end of Audio Library,page 2 on April 5,2008.

     On page three of the Audio Library I continued with Ogden's The ABC of Basic English. There are also readings from Basic and Grammatical Reform and from Basic Step by Step. These mp3's are part of an archive for those with a special interest. In the future I wish to use the On-Air feature of Google Hangouts to share our experience in using Ogden's Basic English. But in the meantime there are forty hours of readings in Basic English to help.