If, as I believe, language ideally is a tool for a communication between two minds, hard work is required. When you begin to talk, the thought in your mind must be clear, you must have means of saying what it is that you want to say and the other person must also know the means you use to express the thought. Communication requires that each be responsible for their part. That is the reason this is called "Our Website".

Charles Kay Ogden invented B.A.S.I.C. English after the first World War in the hope that English speakers would learn to say simply what they want to say. His invention lets speakers whose mother tongue is not English to learn the system as quickly as possible and say and understand what is needed for everyday life. 
Mr. Ogden and others wrote many books, but I can find very few on the internet. I have more than a dozen. But a good place to start is with Adolf Meyers, Basic and the Teaching of English in India. Click below to read  this book or go to archive.org and downlowd the pdf file. Before trying to read the book check if you want to know the answers to these questions