"I have the belief that the learning of a language which is not got when you are a baby is hard".

Is that not a strange statement? As we get older, we can do things that we could not do when a baby. As we get older, some of the sounds of a new language are hard to give ear to or to get your tongue to give sound to. It is my belief that the learning of English should be started with Ogden's system of Basic English. If the learning of English is hard, the experience will give more pleasure if the teaching of English will very soon give an idea of the structure of the language and the end of the learning.

    I have many books on Basic English. 


The purpose of the The Basic Words  is to give an idea of the way in which the 850 words may be used and the nearest French and German words are given for the root sense. This should be a help for those whose first language is French or German.

The ABC of Basic English is a simple guide in three stages, covering all the chief points in Basic English.

The General Basic Dictionary  gives in Basic the sense of 25,000  English words.

 These three books are not private.  I have more books on Basic English, and these books will be private for those who wish help in the use of Basic English.



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